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MAX-TD is a specialist in online marketing for small business in topics of tourism services. The Internet offers endless possibilities to link travelers and provider of travel services. We promote the direct way: Book directly with your host, without involvement of third parties.

MAX-TD guides to pleasant travel experience. Sustainable travel is traveling with responsibility and respect. We look for a simple and direct way to perform a great travel experience for both – travelers and local hosts.

MAX-TD provides recommendations, not reviews. We recommend the good times, not just the cheap ones. We’re looking for people involved, not for balance sheets for shareholders. Simply writing a travel guide with price comparison is not enough to help sorting the “Information overload”. Experience in tourism for the tourist and host is not defined by price. There are other values for both.

MAX-TD is independent. Sure, we promote travel services and the people, who provide them. Our mission is to support family and small business – to make it strong in local economy and sustainable for the tourists. We support community projects.

Who is MAX-TD?

Traveler, use our experience and share yours

Feel free to use our experience. We’ve created several travel websites for you, filled with hints, secret tips and recommendations. All those information are selected for you, your best travel experience. Use our Internet Booking Engine, where selected services and offers give you direct access to hosts and local business.

How you can benefit from MAX-TD travel guides?

MAX-TD for Travelers

Provider of Travel Services

Show us your best offers to please your guests. The MAX-TD editors will recommend them to our users. We can help to promote your business.
Use MAX-TD’s online experience and start getting in touch with your guests right away. You are a family owned business or small business with needs in supports your online marketing? Just get in touch, we’re there to share our knowledge and tools.

How you can make the MAX-TD travel guides to your effective helper for your direct marketing?

MAX-TD for Hosts

Community projects in Tourism

Your community develops a project for responsible tourism, supporting conservation or local economic development? Tell us about and let us help to make it successful.

MAX-TD is supporting Community projects in tourism. The big problem for small scale community tourism projects is marketing. Too often it is simply the case that that nobody knows about them. MAX-TD can help to change that for your project. Use our marketing skills and our abilities to promote your project to a wide group of tourists around the world.

Check out our MAX-TD for Community Projects.

Get in touch

Share your experience and give us your recommendations. We’ll use them as basis for our research and discussions. Your hints and tips will be inspiration not only for our editors but for other travelers. Send us your suggestions according your favorite travel region, travel topic and questions.

See how to be a scout of sustainability

MAX TD for hosts

Promotion for small business Max-TD's services are designed for small business and family business. It is easy to participate - let MAX-TD support your direct marketing in the internet.

Max-TD for travelers

Sustainable Travel Travelers will find hints and tips for the sustainable travel. Direct contacts and much background for the better travel experience.


Introducing Open-Booking
MAX-TD is introducing the team of Open-Booking. The team is researching the industries best practice for digital marketing and make it available for the users. It is testing and selecting tools to make a life of a one-person-wonder easier. It reports actual discussions and development for your business.
Travel Tips
From the wild Altai mountains to a city trip in Tallinn - the editors of MAX-TD choosed a wide range of new and interesting travel topics. Comments are welcome.
Travel Tips
Announcements of publications in MAX-TD Travel Guide Network: From River cruises on the Volga River, Spa in Yalta or Budapest to wondrous wilderness in Belarus and Finland - the authors of MAX-TD terminate their publications in April.