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Wine mosel
Wine at the Mosel - one of MAX-TD Travel Topics in May 2015

Journalists Research in the MAX-TD Travel Guide Network in May 2015. In May 2015 our Russian websites will point on inner Russian tourism and new travel destination. The editors are looking especially for ways beside the big international hotels.

Topics in May 2015

Every Monday the MAX-TD Travel Guide editors are publishing their research and recommendations. Check out the MAX-TD ‘s topics for travelers in May.


Evpatoria: is it still budget?

There were major changes in the Crimean tourism. The peninsula in the Black Sea now is using the flag of Russia. The former summer destination for Ukrainians, Russians and citizens of other CIS countries threatens to be ground in the current Ukraine conflict. Evpatoria has always been known as a budget destination for spa holidays and beach holidays. Is that still the case?


Russian Baltic Coast: ambers of rental

The Amber Coast in Kaliningrad is part of the Russian Baltic coast and in the middle in the booming domestic tourism in Russia. The enclave of Kaliningrad already offers some chic holiday property - "Ambers for rent".


Traunstein: holidays on the farm

The district of Traunstein in Chiemgau is one of the major destinations for the holidays on the farm in Bavaria. Different Tourism farms offer rooms and apartments for families and those travelers seeking just relaxation close to nature.



Karelia on private: cottages rental and touristic camps

The Russian Karelia is a summer destination for individualists and active holidaymakers. Hunting, fishing, active sports are the attractions of this holiday region. Accommodation can be found in attractive holiday homes and camps - adapted to the needs of adventurers.

Baikal: small accommodation for big hearts

The large, deep Lake Baikal is one of the biggest natural spectacle of the world, making it one of the major Russian destinations. The heart beats faster at the sight of this beauty. For this big heart there are nice offers for accommodation at Baikal.

A visit to the Neanderthal man - excursion to Neanderland

You know the Neanderthal man - but not the “Neanderland”? Neanderland is the label under which the district of Mettmann in North Rhine Westphalia is promoting itself for tourists in the recent years. What the county has to offer to tourists, next to the site where the first Neanderthal man’s bones have been found, shall be examined.


Golden Ring: hotels or apartment?

The “Golden Ring” of old Russian cities northeast of Moscow is one of the most famous destinations in Russia. Here you will find the tradition and history of Russia. Visitors can choose from very different places and attractive accommodation of different category.

Escape in Montenegro: show me your villa!

Montenegro is one of the new stars under the international tourism destinations. The country advertises its very nature, an ancient culture and wants to become a VIP destination of the rich and famous and the Adriatic Sea. Famous are already the great holiday villas that can be rent by the well informed traveler.

Bernkastel-Wittlich - overnight guest at the winery

The district of Bernkastel-Wittlich is one of four counties in Germany / Rhineland-Palatinate on the Mosel. Tourism and vineyards belong together in the cozy wine varieties. We are looking for the finest winery for overnight stays.


Rental in Tallinn: City apartment or Hotel?

Plan a City trip to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The Baltic city literally exploded as an attractive destination for events and cultural tourists. A lot has also happened with the accommodation for the stay. We will search for the hidden pearl for overnight stays.

Altai extreme: what, where, when?

Tourism development of the Altai Mountains has been started in recent years. Still, the Altai is a hot tip for the adventure holiday. An overwhelming nature is the greatest gift for tourists. We are looking for the most attractive starting points and the best times for the trip to the expanses of Russia.

Experience Green Belt - Tourism at the "border zone"

The so-called "death zone" between the two German states was once a feared border. After the reunification the "green belt" along the old border line is developing as a tourist destination of an entirely new quality. These include new holiday accommodations and interesting offers for nature-lovers.

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Date: 05/01/2015

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Travel Tips
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