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Sustainable Travel It is easy to travel with responsibility and respect.

The MAX-TD travel guides are designed give qualified hints, tips and recommendations for services and hosts to travelers. The MAX-TD vision is to support sustainable travel.

There are many definitions for sustainability in tourism and for sure ours does not match them all. We’re looking for a development, that contains supporting conservation and local economic development. MAX-TD gives the experience especially to family business and small business to strengthen the basis for such development.

Sustainable Tourism – what you can do

It is easy to travel with responsibility and respect. You are looking for ideas, how to travel in a way, that enables also later generations archiving similar experiences? Then you have to support the local business, the local hosts and guides. They are the ones who will take care for the rich nature, cultural identity and fair conditions of the work. While you should listen to locals when it comes to shopping, MAX-TD can help you to book local and directly with the host as well.

Use the Travel Guides and IBE

Our experts are working for you. We help you finding your host and book directly. To use the research and recommendations of MAX-TD editors is free for travelers. The team is constantly researching the best places to stay and great offers to use. We’re looking for the wys to bring travelers and hosts together.
You can find our editor’s recommendations on several specialized websites, like
and many others. (See whole Max-TD Travel Guide Network)

Support the MAX-TD project

MAX-TD is an independent company. We’re not owned by any of the big players in selling tourism products. You cannot book with MAX-TD, as we’re not selling any of the tourism services by ourselves.

Our first aims are all the small business and family enterprises, which are advertising with us. You will support MAX-TD, when you book directly with them. We want the strong local providers.

Please be aware, that your booking through links from our websites will support the MAX-TD project financially, as the providers pay for clicks or with commissions.

You can strengthen the Max-TD network with your recommendations. Talk about us in social media and share our research and its results. Give us the link from your homepage and make your family and friends finding their next holiday stays with us.

Make you recommendations

Ideas and hints are welcome. As “simple” user you can help to make better recommendations – just while sharing your experience. Get in touch with our editors or become a scout for MAX-TD. It is easy.

How to suggest a topic

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Introducing Open-Booking
MAX-TD is introducing the team of Open-Booking. The team is researching the industries best practice for digital marketing and make it available for the users. It is testing and selecting tools to make a life of a one-person-wonder easier. It reports actual discussions and development for your business.
Travel Tips
From the wild Altai mountains to a city trip in Tallinn - the editors of MAX-TD choosed a wide range of new and interesting travel topics. Comments are welcome.
Travel Tips
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