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Suggest your topic Traveler, you like to share your travel-experience? You are welcome! Give us your hints and tips for the best destinations.

Content and recommendations is researched and created by MAX-TD Editors. They do their best to suggest the best travel experience. For sure it is subjective and for sure the editors cannot see everything, what is going on in the wonderful world of travel. You can support them: Suggest topics or become a scout and place own recommendations.

Discuss with our Editors

Discussions are welcome. You’ll find forms to comment and discuss our recommendations on every page. Your participation is wanted. Legal rules force us to moderate all comments. Keep in mind that we are looking for recommendations and not look for any blames or accusations. We do not want to participate in individual struggles between competitors or organized reviews agencies.

You can contact our editors also directly via E-mail. We do not support the contact via phone. Your hints and tips will be welcome and discussed. Write to MAX-TD and mention the name of the editor you want to contact and your topic. Any topic related contact will be answered. Spam will be deleted.

Your suggestions

You’d like our editors to research a special topic, you have ideas for a report or you want to suggest additions to existing reports? We’re thankful for your help.

If you want to suggest a topic, just send us an E-Mail with your ideas. We’ll check them carefully and we’ll try to give you answers. As soon as the topic is interesting for our team, we’ll add it to our schedule and inform you about.

Be a scout for sustainability

You have your own recommendations and you are ready to share? Become a scout in the MAX-TD network and let us publish your experience.

Scouts want to share their individual experience and open eyes for other travelers to enjoy a place. Their texts will be checked and moderated by the editors to ensure the requested MAX-TD quality guidelines.

Simply send your recommendation including photos (please ensure, that you have all copyrights for text and photos to give) to the Editors Team E-Mail.

There are no anonymous recommendations. MAX-TD scouts show their face and their names. If you like, we’ll also publish your E-Mail. A photo of the scout and his/her real name is part of the requirement for publishing.

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Travel Tips
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