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Promotion for small business Promotion for small business and family business

The local hosts and guides are essential for a tourism that pleases the needs of tourist and the local community. MAX-TD is looking to realize and strengthen the direct contact between host and guest. Our medium is the internet – we can support you to find the customer for your business.

Use the MAX-TD travel guides to get more customers

Within the multiple options MAX-TD is offering to local small business, the use of the MAX-TD Travel Guide network with its online marketing options are the most requested ones for the direct marketing:

Receive visitors for your website

Let MAX-TD send you visitors for your website. We will preselect those travelers. Only guys interested in your services will check your offers and book directly with you.

What you have to do? Show us your best service. Just set up your advertising and tell us about your services and prices. We’ll promote your offer within the traveler using our different websites and search for your next customers and guests. It is a simple but effective promotion. No fix costs, no membership fees – you will pay just for what you get.

Start now receiving customer

Receive leads for your service

You’re a host offering sleeps to the travelers? You have no own website? A holiday home, a hotel or even a camping will be interesting to our users. Let us present your offer to our auditory and collect reservations for you. What you have to do? Setup your personal landing-page in our MAX-TD travel sites network. We instantly ad you to our Internet booking engine and you will receive leads from Travelers, who want to use your service. You pay just your annual rent for the landing-page, no additional costs, no booking-fees.

Start now receiving leads

Become recommended

Our Editors are constantly researching and improving the results for the travelers. Scouts help to get information and additional tips. We’ll inform you about new topics and articles as soon as your and your services are involved or can be mentioned. If you like to be recommended, just give us the requested information for this work. You also can suggest additional topics to our journalists.

Update your data
Suggest a topic

Improve your online marketing

You have the feeling, that your efforts in online marketing dos not give the wanted benefit? We can check your marketing plan with you and optimize it. We like to share our experience.

Just: Contact us only if you think, your online marketing does not work well!

Optimize your online marketing

Support the MAX-TD project

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Introducing Open-Booking
MAX-TD is introducing the team of Open-Booking. The team is researching the industries best practice for digital marketing and make it available for the users. It is testing and selecting tools to make a life of a one-person-wonder easier. It reports actual discussions and development for your business.
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From the wild Altai mountains to a city trip in Tallinn - the editors of MAX-TD choosed a wide range of new and interesting travel topics. Comments are welcome.
Travel Tips
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