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Research and Recommendation: Publications in April 2015 from editors in the MAX-TD Travel Guide Network

New topics in the MAX-TD Travel Guide Network: The April 2015 will become a “Europe Special”. Our Editors are preparing a bunch of new hints and recommendations for travelers.

Our “playlist” for April 2015

Every Monday the MAX-TD Travel Guide editors are publishing their research and recommendations. Check out the MAX-TD playlist for travelers in April, sorted by publishing date:


Agrotourism in Belarus

Belarus, the unknown country in the heart of Europe, is offering perfect options for Agrotourism. True nature experiences in a beautiful setting with hosts, for the "hospitality" is not just a word.

Recreation and beauty in Yaltas hotels

Yalta, the resort on the Black Sea, has always been known for first-class spa and health treatments. Read the story of the discovery of the "well-being" during the Crimean holidays.

Secrets of old brewerys in CZ

The tasty beer is one of the Czech Republic export hits. The secrets of the Czech brewing can be found in the old, traditional breweries.


Cruises on the Volga: 10 small ports

The Volga flows through an ancient cultural landscape. River cruises on the Volga lead to picturesque places in Russia "mother of all rivers".

Sochi with the family: Family hotels

Sochi at the "Russian Riviera" is considered the most fashionable spa town of Russians on the Black Sea. For decades, Sochi is destination for a family holiday.

Loire Castles for one night

They are considered the most romantic hotels in Europe: The Castle Hotel on the Loire. The Loire wetlands are famous for more than 400 castles, which are found along the Loire.


Student Petersburg: Hostel Dreaming

Saint Petersburg is the unofficial cultural capital of Russia. Young leisure travelers storm the capital with its many museums and monuments. Even the hostels have an exciting story.

10 Holiday-Ideas for the Finnish lakes

Holidays at the Finnish Lake is already a very unique privilege. Surrounded by endless forest you will find unique opportunities for an active holiday in the nature and crystal clear lakes full of fish.

Moselle “Wine and well-being”

Who wants to experience the German "coziness", ca not ignore the Moselle wine region. Cozy Pubs and an old tradition of hospitality attract tourists and connoisseurs from all over Europe.

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Date: 03/31/2015

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Travel Tips
From the wild Altai mountains to a city trip in Tallinn - the editors of MAX-TD choosed a wide range of new and interesting travel topics. Comments are welcome.
Travel Tips
Announcements of publications in MAX-TD Travel Guide Network: From River cruises on the Volga River, Spa in Yalta or Budapest to wondrous wilderness in Belarus and Finland - the authors of MAX-TD terminate their publications in April.