Max TD is a background system designed to support Travel Guides Website Networks. Max TD provides centralized import/export and data management solutions, interfaces and tools to support Travel Network.

Max-td is designed based on Service-oriented architecture (SOA) to provide flexibility and scalability. Web services are the heart of communication between websites and a central database. Web services make functional building blocks accessible using standard Internet protocols independent of platforms and programming languages. It allows to integrate PHP/MySQL front-end solutions, various local client applications with a powerful JAVA-based back-end system and provide dynamic scalability and growing of the system.

Main Max TD task is providing a central place to administrate, control and coordinate Travel Network domains. It provides statistics, analyzes and reports about individual domains as well as the whole network.

Max TD  handles such tasks as:

- Central data import from different formats/providers on schedule basis (hourly, daily and weekly). Max TD loads, processes and converts huge variety of data formats into centralized internal system format. Web services are in place to get the data from decentralized CMS (private providers’ data entered via own web sites interface) and save them to central database.

- The distribution of data to decentralized domains according to the Max TD established rules. For example, rules regarding what data should be distributed to the Regional Tourist Guides Domain

- Tracking reservations, inquiries and statistics from all the related Domains of the Travel Guide Network in a central Database.

- Provides an interface for the partners of the Travel Guide Network (all activities, statistics and reports regarding their domains).

- Launching Various Advertising campaigns at all related Domains of Travel Guide Network or only on selected ones.

Max TD has been developed according to the requirements of the Travel Guide Network, which is based on the Content-Management-System SEO-Sys.
Based on high flexibility and scalability Max TD is one of the most progressive Marketing Platform solutions comparing to the other Travel related platforms.


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